Hi! Ms. MyCountDown here! I am a thirty-something year old living in the Midwest looking to rectify the financial mistakes of my past so that I can live the life I want in the future. 

Other stuff about me? Well, I am an animal lover. So much in fact, that I am the practice manager for a veterinary clinic. Mr. MyCountDown and I share our home with our four cats. Most days, I’m not entirely sure who is in charge in our home; though I’m pretty sure it’s not either of the human species.

I am an avid reader, my favorite genre being Science Fiction and Fantasy, though I really enjoy reading any fiction. I love to hike the trails by my home and spend time with family.

I need to pay off my debt so that I can have the freedom to explore other options in life like relocating, engaging in more of my favorite hobbies and past times and most importantly, not feel quite so tied to my job (or any job for that matter)…I’m living paycheck to paycheck. Can you relate?

This blog is here to keep my accountable for my spending, help track my debt reduction progress and keep my goals in focus. Oh, and hopefully make some friends along the way. Join me!


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