The “Our Next Life” Series

Piggybacking off of From Frugal to Free and Our Next Life, I thought I would add my own “My Next Life: Series”. ThinkSaveRetire started this series and has invited others to join in. These great bloggers discussed “their next life,” life after being financially free.

My next life is about fifteen years away. I’ll be debt free by 2018, and it’s at this point that Mr. MyCountdown and I can start the sprint down the road to “our next life.”

I’ll still be working at the five-year mark, but ALL of my disposable income will be mine and not promised to various banks (I’m so excited for this), so Mr. MyCountdown and I plan to travel more. With both of our incomes combined (I’m currently the breadwinner, but Mr. MyCountdown is on the fast track at work to making a much higher income than I); we would love to take a three month “mini” retirement and travel the country hiking and camping. Mr. MyCountdown and I love being outdoors and we have dreams of driving coast to coast to explore this beautiful country we live in. Mr. MyCountdown can focus on his photography, and I can focus on well, not working and travelling coast to coast!

In ten years, I’ll be forty-three and would have been debt free for 7 years. At this point, Mr. MyCountdown and I would have funneled quite a bit of money into our investment accounts (once my debt is paid, we plan to live on just my income and save his). If Mr. MyCountdown’s income increases on the trajectory we are expecting (okay, hoping), we will have been saving close to six figures a year. We’re not ready to fully retire yet, but getting there.

In fifteen years, we would have saved enough money to live modestly off both our dividends and part-time work. The part-time work will not only supplement our incomes, but will fuel our passions. We will be at a place financially, where we can be choosy about how we spend our “working” time.

At this time, our next life begins. You’ll find me splitting my time between volunteering at some of the local museums and animal shelters; doing some paid part-time work; reading and writing; and doing the physical activities I enjoy like running, hiking and swimming. Mr. MyCountdown can found running every day, focusing on his photography and cooking up delicious and creative meals in between his part-time work.

We don’t have any plans to move; we really love our Midwestern state. It’s beautiful with miles of coastline to explore; nature to camp, explore and photograph; and fun small cities sprinkled throughout to visit; also, our family is here and we are very close to them. We will use some of our “part-time” income to help supplement any wanderlust we’re feeling.

I’ll be excited to get out of bed everyday because I dreamed up a life and then did the hard work to make it my reality.

Tell me about what your “Next Life” looks like. Some questions posed by Our Next Life are:

  • What will your transition be like? Will you be quitting a job? Making a move? How will all of that go down?
  • What are the big goals you have for your next life, or just the goals for the first five years or so?
  • What are the little day-to-day goals you have for yourself?
  • Will you quit working, change what you do for work, or stay the course?
  • What will a day in the life look like?
  • How will you manage your finances in the next stage?
  • What will excite you about getting out of bed every day?

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  1. Sounds wonderful. I think I’m most looking forward to having the option to do anything I want on a particular day- book a ticket somewhere, sleep til noon, watch the sunrise, etc. here’s to out next lives!

  2. Love the vision you guys are charting out! We’ve found, too, that blogging about it all has helped us speed up our plans, so maybe you’ll tackle your debt sooner than 2018 and be ready to retire in fewer than 10 years. 🙂 Especially since it sounds like you’re doing a pretty phenomenal job of containing your expenses and avoiding lifestyle inflation. That’s definitely our key. Sometimes we wish we’d known about early retirement right after college, when we were used to living on super cheap food and sleeping on crappy mattresses, before we got a taste for some of the finer things. If we’d started saving right away, we could definitely be retired by now. But oh well — tackling our debt taught us a ton, and readjusting our lifestyle and spending has been a great ongoing exercise in deliberate living. So the journey is all worth it.

    Thanks for adding to the series! Have a great week!

  3. Awesome addition to the Our Next Life series, thanks for continuing it! Being debt free by 2018 is definitely an achievement to be celebrated once the time comes, and devoting yourself to ridding your life of debts is about as wonderful as it gets! The ability to call all your money YOURS truly is a feeling unlike any other. Keep fighting the good fight!

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